Wellring Superior Cough Relieving 60s


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Wellring Superior Cough Relieving 60s

Wellring Superior Cough Relieving Capsule use for relief of cough, moistening the lung and pacifying cough, cough suffered during old age, coughs of cold or hot nature, seasonal coughs congestion of phlegm and saliva, excessive phlegm on rising, itching throat and hoarseness, cough causing pain to the chest ribs.


Direction & Dosage:

3 to 4 times daily, 3 capsules each time, to be taken with boiled water.


Packaging : 360mg x 60 capsules / bottle


华灵牌精制止咳胶囊用于止咳定喘,润肺宁嗽,老年咳嗽,寒热咳嗽,季节发咳, 痰涎壅塞,晨起多痰, 喉痒声嘶。气逆而喘,胸肋咳痛,痰饮诸症。




规格:360毫克x 60粒



川贝母  Bulbus FritillariaeCirrhosae  36mg  

麦    冬  RadixOphiopogonis  54mg  

天    冬  RadixAsparagi  54mg  

玄    参  RadixScrophulariae  36mg  

五味子  Fructus SchisandraeChinensis18mg  

桔    梗  RadixPlatycodonis  18mg  

杏    仁  SemenArmeniacaeAmarum54mg  

陈    皮  PericarpiumCitriReticulatae36mg  

桑白皮  Cortex Mori  36mg  

百    部  RadixStemonae  18mg