Wellring Propolis 100s


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Wellring Propolis 100s

Wellring propolis is the gum that the honeybee gathered from budletand trunk of various  kinds of  plants, put into the honeybee’s own secretion and mix it; The honeybee use this ‘gum’ to protect their bee nest  from germs and also to maintain the healthy special material of  honeybee. It also protect the blood vessel wall and prevent it from oxidised  damages.



Antimicrobial detoxification, antioxidant, softening blood vessels Activate cells, accelerates its  organization newborn function, removes body free radical, increases  the resistance  immunologic function, enhance physique, adjusts in vivo hormone  secretion, eliminates  wrinkles and spots, reborn  of flesh from rough dry to glossy, shiny, ruddy and high resilience. Able to improve annoyed worries, improve respiratory system, prevent fever and  cold,  strengthen of gastric and stomach; Reduces body  fats, promotes blood circulation, relieve  tiredness, urges the mind and body to be comfortable; acne,  dark spots, hemorrhoids  and so  on. Bee propolis is effective for both internal and external. It gives you  a bright and  healthy  lifestyle everyday.


Topical features: Breaking injury, burns, skin diseases, eczema. 


Ingredient  : propolis, gather ethylene glycol 400


Dosage  : Take two soft capsules each time, two times daily, with warm water.


Packaging  : 100 soft capsules x 500mg / bottle













规格:100粒软胶囊x500毫克 /盒