Wellring Cordyceps 60s


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Wellring Cordyceps 60s

Wellring Cordyceps Capsules is made of excellent bacterial strain separated from the body of wild Cordyceps Sinensis, uses modern Biological Engineering Technology and deep ferment. It has same chemical ingredient, medical function and clinic curative effect with wild cordyceps sinesis, its main functional ingredient even superior to wild cordyceps sinensis. It has various functions suchsas tonic, health care, prevention,treatand son on and thus become the best health care product of the Middle aged and the old.

CordycepsSinensis(called as Chinese Caterpillar Fungus for short) is a kind high level tonic and rare and precious medicinal material, praised as three rare and precious tonics with ginseng and hairy deer horn, called as “superb medicine for weakness” by medical experts and won the favorable reputation of “Oriental Mystic Treasure” 

Cordycepssinensismainly grows in 3500-600m plateau partum areas in Qinghai-TIbetPlateau, the herb is a kind of low-temperature addicted entomogenousfungi (wheat cell caterpillar fungus) intruded in the larva of lepidopteralmoth to form a compound body, the main functional ingredient comes from Chinese caterpillar fungus. Because of special growing conditions, the wild resources of Cordyceps Sinensisis extremely rare, it has been on the edge of extinction. So it is China national key protective treasure and its excavation and export shall be strictly limited.

It was reported in “BencaoConxin” that Cordyceps Sinensishas sweet taste, protects lung, tonifies kidneys, replenishes marrow, arrests bleeding and reduces phlegmandcures cough.It was reported in “BencaoGangmuComplement” that “Cordyceps Sinensiscan cure weakness and replenish Yin and Yang Qi”.It was proven by the modern medicine science that Cordyceps Sinensiscontains adenosine, mannitol, Chinese caterpillar fungus polysaccharide, 17 kind of amino acid, various vitamins and microelements such as phosphor, magnesium, iron, calcium, manganese, kalium, silicon, Strontium, selenium. Traditional Chinese Medicine regards that Cordyceps Sinensisenter lungs, kidney, not only nourish Kidney Yin, but also replenish Kidney Yang, has sweet taste,warmbut not dry. Can strengthen kidney, invigorate citality, nourish brains and tranquizethe mind.

Function:  Testify by ‘Theory of Function (功能学)’, the product possess functions of anti-fatigued, enchanceorganism endurance and immunity regulated,Chronic  bronchitis, Bronchial asthma,protectslung, tonifies kidneys, replenishes marrow,   arrests bleeding and reduces phlegmandcures cough.Itmay strengthen   disease resistant ability.

Ingredient   : 100% of 420mg of cordyceps sinensis(fermented)

Dosage      : Twice a day, 2-3capsules each time.

Packaging  : 60 capsules x 420mg / bottle.









功能:经功能学试验证明,此产品具有抗疲劳的保健作用,增强机  体耐力,并具有免疫节功能,慢性支气管,支气管哮喘,保肺、益肾、补精髓、止血化痰、治劳咳,可强机体抗病力;还具有延缓衰老的保健作用。

成份:100% of 420mg 冬虫夏草菌粉(发酵)


规格:60粒 x 420毫克 / 瓶