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Falling sick every week? Chronic fatigue?
Wellimmune is here to help you be the best you can be.

  • Voted #1 Herbal Health Supplement for Working Professionals
  • Trusted family brand for 30 years

Pearlyn Tan, 34 

Of all the supplements I spent my money on, this one is most worth my money. I used to suffer from brain fog and fatigue, and Wellimmune has drastically helped my condition. My family members say I'm less cranky as well! Would recommend to anyone looking for a daily supplement.

Ann Teo, 42 

As a working mama, stress and sleep deprivation are constant factors of my life. Wellimmune strengthens my immune system so that I don't fall sick. This helps me become the best version of myself that I can be for my darling daughter!

Patrick O'Reilly, 35 

I've been looking for suitable supplements I can take daily to improve my health. Wellimmune helps me maintain my immune system with my busy and stressful schedule. I can't afford to fall sick - the cost of one sick day far outweighs the cost of an entire months' worth of Wellimmune!

Mohd Azli, 26 ★

As a healthcare professional, I have to take care of my own health so that I can be the best advocate for my patients. I love that it's easy to take as well - just 2 pills a day. Good health is priceless - I'm a repeat customer of Wellimmune and will likely be for a long time.

Divya, 28 

I was attracted by the East meets West blend that is made out of natural ingredients - no nasty chemicals for me! I live a busy life and there's no time in my schedule to be sick. The price of Wellimmune is well worth it for me. I'm definitely buying again.


The average Singaporean juggles:




No one has time for themselves anymore.

But stress and sleep deprivation are major dampeners on the immune system.

When we get sick, we have to take leave from work, causing our workload to increase for the next day, causing even more stress! Wouldn't it be better to prevent sickness in the first place?


WELLIMMUNE costs $48 for a month's supply

An average visit to a private clinic with medication usually already costs $60.
Add that to the physical and mental pain of being sick.

It's time to treat yourself better!




  • + Boost Immune System
  • + Promotes Blood Circulation
    + Relieves fatigue
  • + Reduces Risk for Virus & Infections
  • + Anti - Aging
  • with Red Lingzhi, Propolis and Vitamin C

    Enjoy this blend of Vitamin C with an extra natural kick to boost your complexion and everyday health.


    + Red Lingzhi - Highly prized for its therapeutic properties, Lingzhi has been used across Asia for more than two thousand years and is believed to improve the level of one's vital energy. In nature, the extremely rare and most famous of all medicinal mushrooms grow at the base and stumps of only two or three in 10,000 deciduous trees. The large and woody mushroom is extensively used in traditional medicine in Asia to maintain one's youthful vigour and appearance.

    + Propolis- Rich in antioxidants and containing protein, amino acids, vitamins and minerals, Propolis has been extensively used by ancient Egyptians and Greeks as a natural medicine. The resinous substance is naturally made by honeybees from tree sap and beeswax and used not just to sterilise their hives but also induce a type of 'social immunity' to provide protection to the entire colony. Propolis continues to be used today for its anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties for health maintenance and healing benefits.

    Combining with Vitamin C in this formula, this is by far the most effective combination to strengthen your immune system.

    WellImmune is a natural shield for your healthy lifestyle. It boosts the immune system and strengthens the body's resistance to infections.

    2 times daily, 2 capsules each time

    450mg x 90 Capsules 

    Made in Singapore


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