Taiji Tian Jiao 250g(8pcs)


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Taiji Tian Jiao 250g(8pcs)
Taiji Tian Jiao 250g(8pcs)

Taiji Tian Jiao (Ejiao/donkey-hide gelatin): Weather the Ejiao is good or not, shining it.

  1. It was recorded in the “Compendium of Materia Medica” that, Ejiao is optically semi-transparent with a color of blood red. Thus the light-admitting quality is the most important indicator for the identification of the quality of Ejiao. A better light transmittance can imply that the gelatin is purer, and thereby the quality is higher.
  2. The first Ejiao with "ID card". With a quality assurance card inside each box of Tianjiao and the application of "DNA detection technology" on every piece of donkey skin, we can guarantee that all skin we use is 100% pure donkey skin
  3. The first Ejiao which allows you to directly pulverize it into a fine powder and take it after mixing the powder with water TaiJi Ejiao is prepared by hand using the time-honored method with dark donkeys of the central Shanxi plain and the snow water from Mt. Tianshan as raw materials, so that the obtained gelatin can be pure and odorless for sure.
  4. Effect of Ejiao : Enrich and nourish the blood, maintain the beauty and keep young, nourish and preserve the health; it can be used as medicine for the cure of diseases like blood deficiency and pale complexion, dizziness, and palpitations, pulmonary cough, etc. 



  1. 《本草纲目》记载,阿胶对光半透明,呈血红色。透光性是鉴别阿胶品质的最佳方法,透光性越好,胶质越纯,品质越高。
  2. 第一款有“身份证”的阿胶。每一盒天胶里面都有一张质量保证卡,每一张驴皮都采用“DNA检测技术”,保证所用的每一张皮都是100%的纯驴皮。
  3. 第一款可以直接打粉冲服的阿胶。太极天胶取关中乌驴,融天山雪水,采用古法手工熬制 ,保证胶质纯正、无异味。   
  4. 阿胶功效:补血养血、美容养颜、滋补养生。用于血虚萎黄、眩晕心悸、肺燥咳嗽等症。


规格:250克/ 盒(8片)