Taiji Lu JiaoJiao 120g(20pcs)


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Taiji Lu JiaoJiao 120g(20pcs)
Taiji Lu JiaoJiao 120g(20pcs)

Taiji “male Ejiao”(lujiaojiao/deer-horn gule): Chinese Viagra, nourishing liver and kidney, replenishing essence and kidney, replenishing essence and blood. 

  1. Tonify the kidney-Yang, and cure the diseases caused by the deficiency of kidney-QI, such as lumbago and asynodia.
  2. Tonify the essence and blood, and cure the diseases caused by the deficiency of essence and blood, such as asthenia and marasmus, dizziness and tinnitus, soreness and weakness of waist and knees, etc.
  3. High-quality antlers of sika deer or red deer are used in the preparation. Thus the obtained donkey-hide gelatin is rich in a variety of amino acids and androgens.
  4. The first medicine which allows you to suck it in the mouth or directly pulverize it into a fine powder so that you can mix it with water and then take it. This product is odorless and tastes a little sweet when you suck it in the mouth.According to the theory of traditional Chinese medicine, full fusion with saliva by sucking this product in the mouth can realize easier absorption by the human body and the warming of mouth, body, and kidney.

It is recommended to take 6 grams every morning.



  1. 补肾壮阳,治疗因肾气不足导致的腰痛、阳痿等症。
  2. 补益精血,治疗因精血不足导致的虚劳羸瘦、头晕耳鸣、腰膝酸软等症。
  3. 采用优质梅花鹿或马鹿的鹿角熬制,富含多种氨基酸和雄激素。
  4. 唯一一款可以含服或打粉冲服的药品。本品含服无异味,有微回甘。根据中医理论,含服经唾液充分融合后,易于人体吸收,达到暖口、暖身、暖肾的目的。建议每天早晨服用6克。