Nature's Care Whiz Kids 120s

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Nature's Care Whiz Kids 120s

Nature’s Care Whiz Kids Omega 3 are very important for children as their bodies cannot produce them and can only obtain them from their diet. The main sources of Omega 3’s  are cold water fish. Omega 3 are necessary for the development and maintenance of the retina of the eye, normal brain development, brain function, and the apparent maintenance of mood. 

This product is a natural fish oil supplement that is great in taste, and comes in chewable soft capsules to allow for easy swallowing and chewing. Whiz Kids Omega 3 has been tested for mercury, pesticides and heavy metals. 

  • Help children's brain development
  • Increase thinking, memory, concentration and learning
  • Improve vision and protect retina health
  • Improve the immune system and reduce allergic reactions

Ingredients :

Fish Oil Natural   500mg

-Omega 3 marine triglycerides   150mg 

-Eicosapentaenoic Aced(EPA)  90mg 

-Docosahexaenoic Acid(DHA)  60mg

Dosage : 

Children from 3 years: Take 1 - 2 chewy bursts per day. Chewing & bursting or Twist tail & squirt onto favourite food

Nature’s Care 儿童鱼油 奥美加3 对孩子来说非常重要,因为不能在体内合成,只能从他们的饮食中摄取。奥美加3的主要来源是冷水鱼,对于眼睛视网膜的发育和维持,正常的大脑发育,大脑功能以及情绪的明显维持是必需的。Nature’s Care 儿童鱼油是一种口感极佳的天然鱼油补充剂,含有可咀嚼的软胶囊,便于吞咽和咀嚼。 

  • 帮助儿童脑部发育
  • 增加思考、记忆、专注力与学习能力
  • 改善视力,保护视网膜健康
  • 改善免疫系统,减少过敏反应 


纯鱼油  500毫克

甘油三酯  150毫克

EPA  90毫克

DHA  60毫克