Nature's Care Liver Detox Plus 120s

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Nature's Care Liver Detox Plus 120s

Nature’s Care Liver Detox Plus is specially formulated to help maintain a healthy digestive system and to support liver detoxification. Milk thistle is a hepatoprotective herb with antioxidant activity to assist in protecting the liver from deleterious effects of toxins and pollution. 

  • Reduce fatigue and restore physical strength
  • Protect liver cells from free radical damage
  • Reduce the symptoms of liver inflammation
  • Improve liver's ability to detoxify and metabolize alcohol


Ingredients :

Silybum marianum (Milk Thistle) extract

– equiv. to dry seed (12500mg)   12.5g

Taurine   100mg

Inositol   150mg


Dosage  :

Adults take 2 capsules daily or as directed by your healthcare professional.


Nature’s Care 肝排毒含有强效护肝的乳蓟草萃取-抗氧化黄酮【水飞蓟素(Silymarin)】 ,帮助增进肝脏健康。有助于维持健康的消化系统,并支持肝脏解毒。牛奶蓟是一种具有抗氧化活性的保肝草药,有助于保护肝脏免受毒素和污染的有害影响。 

  • 减少疲劳,恢复体力
  • 保护肝脏细胞不受自由基伤害
  • 减轻肝脏发炎症状
  • 提升肝脏解毒与代谢酒精的能力



乳蓟草萃取  12.5克

牛磺酸  100毫克

肌醇  150毫克