Nature's Care Goat Milk 300Tablets

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Nature's Care Goat Milk 300Tablets

Nature’s Care Goat’s Milk tablets are produced from pure goat’s milk which has been spray dried under stringent export regulations to ensure the highest quality and purity. These tablets are suitable to all health conscious people. Nature’s Care Goat’s Milk Tablet gives your body an energy boost and is a special treat for growing children. 

  • Supplement protein and calcium
  • Improve immunity, reduce allergies and asthma
  • Adjusting gastrointestinal function
  • Help sleep, improve physical fitness


Ingredients :

Spray dried goat’s milk powder   200mg

Glucose • Lactose • Anticaking agents

(No added gluten, starch, yeast or sweetener.) 


Dosage :

As a nutritional supplement, take 4-10 tablets daily or as directed by your dietician.


Nature’s Care 山羊奶片由纯山羊奶制做而成。新鲜山羊奶在严格的出口法规下进行喷雾干燥,以确保最高的质量和纯度。它适用与所有注重健康的人士,能帮助争强体力,它对成长中的小孩是非常好的营养补充品。

  • 补充蛋白质及钙质
  • 提高免疫力,减低过敏及气喘发生
  • 调整肠胃机能
  • 帮助睡眠,改善体质



山羊奶粉(喷雾干燥山羊奶)  200毫克